The Wait Is Over

13 years ago, Becky Gershman found what she thought was the perfect gift for her husband, Steve.

Since he was an Orioles fan and longtime season ticket holder, Becky figured Steve would enjoy an opportunity to suit up with Orioles legends from the past for Orioles Dream Week.

“I love the game of baseball” said Steve during a break in Monday’s Dream Week game at Twin Lakes Park in Sarasota. “I just love the sport.”

So after his enjoying his gift/trip to his first Dream Week, Steve had good news and bad news to report to Becky upon his return to theirEllicott Cityhome.

“The good news is I had a blast,” said Steve. “The bad news is I will be doing this a lot more in the future.”

Steve Gershman takes his lead off first base during Orioles Dream Week in Sarasota.

At the time, Steve thought it would be great to include his son, Matt, who was also and Orioles fan, but the Gershmans would have to wait 13 years for then-17-year-old Matt to turn 30 so he would be eligible to participate.

With Matt now all grown up at age 30 and working as a lawyer inLos Angeles, the time was right for a little father-son bonding in sunny Sarasota.

Matt and Steve Gershman are patrolling the infield together this week in Sarasota for Chris Hoiles’ team at Orioles Dream Week and brought their own cheering section as Becky has joined them for the fun.

Matt Gershman prepares to launch a double during Orioles Dream Week in Sarasota.

“They’ve been looking forward to this for a long time,” said Becky. “They’ve shared a bond through baseball for years so this is a great experience.”

Over the years, the father and son have bonded through baseball trips by visiting every stadium in baseball except for the Miami Marlins, but they plan to cross that off the list this summer and even that won’t end their journey.

“They’re going to start over and visit all of the new stadiums that have opened since they first started their tour,” said Becky.

After watching Matt drive a couple of doubles into left field on the opening day of Dream Week games, Becky was indeed a proud mom.

“This is just a big thrill.”

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