A Family Affair

There is a first time for everything. That is particularly true in the case of Orioles Dream Week participants Mary Jane and Matthew Fischer of Towson,Maryland.

Earlier this week, the duo became the first mother/son combo to participate in Orioles Dream Week as members of Mike Devereaux’s Desperados team.

Matthew Fischer receives instruction at third base from Orioles legend Mike Devereaux

“This is something I’ve wanted to do for 20 years,” said Matthew, who turned 30 and became eligible for Dream Week on January 22nd.

The Fischers have been Orioles season ticket holders for years and developed a strong mother/son bond spending many nights together at Camden Yards.

“We go to about 40 games a year together and it gives us a chance to sit and talk together for three hours,” said Matthew.

“With our schedules as busy as they are, Orioles games are a great time to bond,’ said Mary Jane. “A lot of times people talk about father/son bonding at games, but there’s no reason it can’t be mother/son.”

Interestingly, it was the mother imparting her love for the game of baseball onto her son, rather than the mom picking up on what her son was interested in.

“I became interested in baseball at age 12 when I played catch with my father,” said Mary Jane. “Baseball has become a lifetime love for us.”

Matthew agreed.

“My love from the Orioles came from her as she was the baseball fan,” he said. “Now we both have a love for the game and it is another way for us to do something together.”

Mary Jane and Matthew Fischer watch their Dream Week teammates bat against the Red Sox campers Tuesday in Fort Myers

Dream Week is not the first time the Fischers have taken on a challenge together. The two became the first mother/son duo to take law classes together at Georgetown University.

With the amount of good natured heckling that goes on in a baseball dugout, one might think Matthew would be the target of some wise cracks from teammates and coaches at Dream Week.

“When you have taken law classes with your mom, there is no embarrassment having her in the dugout with you,” joked Matthew.

Mary Jane has enjoyed being a pioneer of sorts this week in Sarasota.

“This was a gift from Matthew and although I hadn’t prepared much, the coaches have been great,” she said. “This is something that you can enjoy at any age.”

After Mary Jane reached base for the first time in Wednesday’s game, the proud son emerged from the dugout to call time out and get the ball as a souvenir for his mother.

It was classic family bonding, Dream Week style.

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