Dream Week ends with a bang

One of the best parts of Orioles Dream Week is that the participants are treated just like the major league players.

Customized jerseys, fitted caps, using brand new baseballs and being treated like royalty.

For Tim Tremblay of Lutherville, Maryland he learned just how physical the majors can be on Friday.

In the last inning of the Pros vs. Campers game at Ed Smith Stadium with the Campers team leading by a run, Brady Anderson tagged up from third base on a sacrifice fly by Mike Devereaux.

The throw was a tad up the third base line and Tremblay made a lunging motion to catch the ball just as the speeding Anderson was coming in to score. The result was a collision that was not quite Pete Rose vs. Ray Fosse, but a scary collision nonetheless as Tremblay stayed down for a couple of seconds after having his “bell rung a little bit.”

“It was a great throw and I just went too far across the line,” said Tremblay. “I wasn’t expecting him to run me over, but I just wish I had held onto the ball. It was a clean play.”

Anderson was surprised the collision took place at all.

“I wasn’t trying to run him over but I guess the throw came in at just the right time and it was unavoidable,” said the former star outfielder. “He must have a pretty hard head because my elbow is pretty sore.”

Tremblay immediately called home to tell his wife that he had just been run over at the plate by the legendary outfielder.

“She said my next call better not be from Sarasota Memorial Hospital,” said Tremblay, who was not injured in the collision and seemed genuinely excited to be a part of a play that will be talked about for years to come at Dream Week.

In a Dream Week full of great memories for the campers, everyone is sure to remember the play that ended the Pros vs. Campers game in a tie, especially Tremblay.

“That is an experience you take with you forever.”

Members of Jeff Tackett's team give him the celebratory Gatorade bath after winning the Dream Week championship


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